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To Important Not To Share

I didn’t know how to respond to recent events. I have no human experience with this. I could only go to the Word.

I have gone through many emotions: shocked, saddened, dismayed, anger, and during all those, prayer throughout.

Put into Biblical Perspective

Finally, these two men seem to be able put these horrible sins of the people in this country through the lens of biblical truth.

Please listen, and listen more than once….

George Floyd and the Gospel

Any Recommendations?

Are you interested in studying this summer?

Every summer I like to do a precept upon precept Bible study.

I like it to be a stand-alone study. This means that those students who are taking my Genesis classes will pause studying Genesis for the summer and potentially sign up for something different.

This also allows students who are otherwise without a Bible study because many Bible study leaders take the summer off spend with both family and to prepare for the next year’s lessons.

Our study would need to be less than 11 weeks long and have only one part to it.

Please let me know in the comments if you have an opinion as to what you would like to sign up for this summer.

A Prayer from Charles Spurgeon

Daily Prayer for Monday, April 27 

We trusted in you, alas! too feebly, in the hour of our distress when we were troubled exceedingly with earthly things, still you did not fail us, though our faith trembled: though we did not believe you were still abiding in faithfulness.

The Lord has helped his people, yes the Lord has been the strength and the help of his chosen. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all;” and at this moment, in looking back upon the past, we have nothing to do, but to admire and to adore the constancy of love, the faithfulness of grace.